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Iraqi College Students’ Attitudes towards the Use of Technology in Promoting English Learning Skills

Azhar Hassan Sallomi Al Rubayee & Abeer Ali Khudhair Alsawalim,

Karbala University, Iraq

The world around us witnesses increase in digital technology use in almost all life aspects and humanities studies are not exception. This inspired the researchers to measure the future of incorporating digital technology with humanities studies from the students’ perspectives. A survey from (Alduwairej: 2014) is adopted in this study to measure the attitudes of Iraqi ESL college students in College of Education for Humanities/Karbala university towards the importance of implementing technology in ESL classes to promote ESL learning. The answers of students show their willingness and preferences for a technology-enhanced classroom more than the traditional one as it gives them a chance to encounter the real life environment of native speakers. Additionally, though their instructors not often use technology inside the classroom, the students themselves tend to practice such technological devices out of the classroom but it not necessarily to endorse their acquisition and mastering the English Language.

The above abstract is a part of the article which was accepted at The Second International Conference on Current Issues of Languages, Dialects and Linguistics (WWW.LLLD.IR), 1-2 February 2018, Iran-Ahwaz.