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Virtual (Absentee) Presentation

(Per each paper presentation)



$ 200



In-Person (Non-Absentee) Presentation

(Per each paper presentation)



$ 300




(Optional, if you wish to publish your full article.)



$ 50


Only In-Person Participation (Without presentation)

(Per person)



$ 300


Family Members

(If your family wishes to join the conference.)



$ 200


Accommodation (3 nights)

(For three nights, from 31st January 2025 (Check-in) up to 3rd February 2025 (Check-out))


Note: A participant will stay in each room.









Food (3 days)

 (During 31st January, 1st & 2nd February 2025)





Three days Tour (Khouzestan Province)


(From 3rd up to morning of 6th February 2025, including all the services such as accommodation, food, transportation and different activities such as visiting historical places and cultural activities.


(Optional, if you wish to join.)





$ 150


(Optional, if you wish to join.)



(All transportations in Ahwaz)




All transportations from Ahwaz airport to the accommodation place, to the conference venue and vice versa will be free.



Presenters/participants need to contact the Conference Secretariat for further information on how to pay the fees.


Withdrawal Policy

No refund will be made.