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Some Considerations on the Importance of the Ottoman Language in the Study of the Armenian Genocide

Grigor Sargsyan,

Department of Iranian Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia

The paper discusses the significance of the Ottoman language as the language of the empire throughout history and in modern times. It highlights the role of the Armenian Genocide in highlighting the importance of this language, supported by recently declassified documents. Although Turkish attempts to deny the genocide have been proven false, it is revealed that they are only disguising their true intentions by appearing to be pro-Armenian. Despite the Ottoman language being banned in Turkey after the war, Armenian experts continue to translate and publish works from this language. It is argued that the continued publication of such materials is crucial for uncovering new evidence about the genocide and potentially pressuring Turkey into accepting responsibility. Special emphasis is placed on the need for Ottoman language education and the potential for discovering new secret documents, which are stored not only in Turkey but also in Jerusalem, specifically in the Armenian Patriarchate. The article also discusses the important contributions of Armenian experts in the Diaspora and the former USSR, whose works have also been appropriated by the Turkish pro-Armenian movement. In recent years, numerous publications have emerged in which Armenian Ottoman specialists have utilized materials dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. This practice has led to increased awareness of the activities of these specialists and a deeper understanding of the ongoing falsification carried out by the Turkish government. Notably, textbooks on the Ottoman language, which have been utilized for many years in the BA senior courses at the Department of Turkish Studies of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Yerevan State University, are also referenced. This demonstrates the enduring importance of the Ottoman language, as it continues to be taught by esteemed Turkologists in contemporary academia. These developments highlight the critical role of studying the Ottoman language in gaining insight into Turkish history and culture.

Keywords: Ottoman Language, Archive, Armenian Genocide, Plagiarism, Forgery

The above abstract is a part of the article which was accepted at The Ninth International Conference on Languages, Linguistics, Translation and Literature (WWW.LLLD.IR), 1-2 February 2024, Ahwaz.