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Promoting Learner Autonomy in EAP Courses for Arab Students

Dr. Filomachi Spathopoulou, American Univeristy of The Middle East, Kuwait Learner autonomy has been a matter of interest among educators in a variety of teaching contexts; however, providing autonomy in the context of EAP can be rather daunting especially when it involves accommodating cultural particularities. This presentation will look into

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The State-of-the-Art in Linguistics in 2017: An Iranian View

Dr. Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam, AllamehTabataba’i University (& Academy of Persian Language and Literature), Iran In this talk, I intend to provide a state-of-the-art review of the basic tenets, assumptions, and concerns of the four major approaches to the study of human language. These approaches are as follows: The Generative Enterprise, Systemic

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Different Metacognitive Reading Strategies among Iranian High School Seniors in Computer-Based and Traditional Modes

Dr. Zahra Moharrer, Malaysia With extensive propensity for using technology at educational contexts, Ministry of Education has employed electronic distance teaching and learning in some high schools.  To solve the problems with the Internet connection, the electronic distance education center in Shiraz, Iran provided its students with interactive multimedia CD-ROMs.

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